Welcome to the Larp House! Larp House is a web-based show with a focus on larping, which refers to live action role play. Hosted mainly by Cheyenne Asrai Rain, a larper and artist who has been creating art, props, fx makeup, and costumes for over 10 years. We make crafting and makeup tutorials for larpers, as well as videos about the metaphysical aspects of larp—mental health, design theory, and the real-world impact of the hobby.

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Who We Are

What is Larp House? What is Larp? Who are you people and why do you do this?? I NEED ANSWERS.

Well don’t you worry, our first episode on YouTube: What Is Larp? answers these questions thoroughly.

Larp House hopes to educate people about larp who might want to try it, and show those who already larp ways to make their games even better. Whether that means character creation for a player, aesthetics design, rule discussions, or anything in between. We’re also a huge advocate for larp as therapy! We hope to help eliminate the stigma surrounding larp and make it more accessible to everyone.

Cheyenne Asrai (aka: Az), the creator of Larp House, has been through over 10 years of arts education in various arts schools (since age 13). She also struggles with both mental and chronic illness, and works to raise awareness about those issues—especially as they are relevant to larp. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Erica, the Witch of Order (aka: administration manager), is a veteran larper of over 12 years. She’s an advocate for larpers with disabilities as well as a blogger who writes about travel and larp at Erica Explores. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Event Calendar

Come hang out with Larp House at any of the confirmed events Cheyenne is attending!

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